Explore the power of memories and stories as Cathi Nelson delivers this keynote presentation from The Photo Managers’ conference in 2022. 

In this captivating presentation titled “Four Decades of Life,” Cathi Nelson shared her personal journey and the profound insights gained from reflecting on her life experiences throughout the last four decades.





Cathi Nelson is an expert when it comes to the power of photos and stories in capturing and preserving memories. In this presentation, she reflects on her experiences and how they have shaped her perspective on life. She also mentions the importance of entering a “room called remember” to reflect on one’s own life and encourages everyone to do the same by sharing their own stories and memories.


Cathi Nelson talks about her journey of discovering the significance of photos and stories in her late 20s when she started telling her adopted son’s story through scrapbooking. She then recounts her experiences during a world trip in 1988, where she was exposed to poverty, pollution, and despair, leading her to explore the theme of women and children through her photos and videos. In 1994, after becoming a mother, she transitions away from a sales job and expresses her desire to work in a meaningful and creative field, leading her to the world of scrapbooking.


A pivotal moment in Cathi’s life came in 2005 when she organizes a large scrapbooking event with hundreds of participants, emphasizing the sense of community and connection that arises from sharing stories through photos. She reflects on the success of the event, the growth of the scrapbooking industry at that time, and how it would eventually lead her to spearhead the new industry of photo organizing.


If you missed the chance to attend Cathi Nelson’s powerful keynote at the 2022 conference or would like to revisit the inspirational moments, watch the full video now.