Even professional photo managers, including The Photo Managers founder, Cathi Nelson can struggle to keep their own photo collections organized due to the busyness of life. However, a special event in Cathi’s life served as a catalyst for her to seek help with an important photo organizing project.

In this unique interview series, we get a look behind the scenes into a real photo organizing project and hear from both the Photo Manager and their Client. In this excerpt, we hear from Photo Manager Holly Cobid and her VIP client, the founder and CEO of The Photo Managers, Cathi Nelson.


Cathi’s motivation to organize her photos stemmed from a personal desire to create a heartwarming video montage for her son’s wedding later in the year. This project, capturing her son’s growth, her daughter-in-law’s journey, and the joyous moments in between, was a labor of love that she feared she wouldn’t have time to complete without assistance. It was at this point that Cathi made the decision to practice what she preached and hire a photo manager.


Trusting the Process


Despite her extensive experience in the field, Cathi had reservations about handing over her lifetime of memories to someone else. Trust is a cornerstone of their business, and Cathi had to overcome some initial anxiety about sharing even the less flattering photos. However, she realized that everyone has imperfect photos, and her trust in Holly and the photo management process helped her overcome this hurdle.


The Surprises of Collaborative Photo Management


As a seasoned professional, Cathi had insights into various photo management tools and services. Still, working with Holly highlighted the importance of staying focused on the end goal and relying on a professional’s expertise. Cathi had to learn to resist the allure of “shiny new objects” and trust Holly’s guidance to achieve her overall objectives.


The Personal Impact of an Organized Photo Collection


Cathi shared the emotional impact of her the finished photo organizing project. The video montage she created for her son’s wedding was a testament to the power of preserving memories. She also mentioned the newfound joy in interacting with her organized photos, thanks to the widgets on her phone. Organizing her photos not only benefited her but also allowed her to better connect with her family’s memories.

Cathi Nelson’s personal journey into photo management reminds us that no matter our expertise or busy lives, everyone can benefit from a professional’s help in organizing their digital memories. As Cathi aptly puts it, having your photos accessible and organized is something you’ll never regret. The story of her son’s wedding video montage serves as a heartwarming testament to the power of well-organized digital photos, allowing us all to tell our stories and relive our cherished moments.


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