The Photo Managers recently released the exciting announcement of a new membership level – “Photo Manager in Training“. This addition to their offerings aims to address common concerns and challenges faced by individuals aspiring to organize photos. Whether you’re organizing your personal photos or looking into a potential career – The Photo Managers has a membership for you!

Let’s dive into the key highlights from the recent webinar. Join us as we explore the features and benefits of the new Photo Manager in Training membership level.


The inspiration behind introducing the Photo Manager in Training membership came from years of feedback and questions. Countless individuals contacted us seeking guidance on various aspects of photo management. Over the years, common concerns included:

  • how to start a business organizing others’ photos when their own photo collection is not yet organized,
  • feeling overwhelmed by professional training,
  • clarification about the role of a professional photo manager.

Accordingly, this new membership level aims to address these concerns. It provides a structured path for individuals to explore the world of photo management.


The Photo Manager in Training membership level is positioned to help members organize their own photos or those of family and friends. At the same time, they are introduced to the potential of photo management as a career. This level acknowledges that not everyone joins The Photo Managers community to become a professional photo manager. So, this new provision will assist members in finding their passion and purpose within the realm of photo organization.


Key Features of Photo Manager in Training Membership


  1. Structured Learning Paths. The program offers curated learning paths, ensuring that the training is accessible and effective.
  2. Community Support. A private Facebook group and roundtable discussions will provide valuable insights as they progress through their photo management journey.
  3. Access to Training Library. The membership includes access to select parts of The Photo Managers’ extensive training library. This on-demand training allows members to learn at their own pace and revisit key concepts as needed.
  4. Progressive Improvement: The Photo Managers as an organization is committed to ongoing enhancements based on member feedback. The evolving nature of the program ensures that it will stay relevant and meet the changing needs of its members.


Of course, for those ready to pursue a career, nothing beats the Professional Photo Manager membership level. Benefits include advanced training webinars, unmatched peer support, important discussions on best practices, and partnerships with industry partners offering significant discounts to members.


The introduction of the Photo Manager in Training membership level by The Photo Managers signifies a thoughtful response to the diverse needs of individuals interested in photo organization. Whether you are exploring a potential career or simply seeking to organize your personal photos effectively, these membership levels offer a structured and supportive environment for growth and learning.

To learn more about this new membership level, and all the benefits of joining The Photo Managers, watch the full video on YouTube.