Natasha Lee is a certified Photo Manager and pioneer of professional photo books in South Africa. With an 18-year career, she has honed her passion for crafting captivating visual narratives, utilizing photos to tell compelling stories. A pioneer in photo management in South Africa, Natasha’s journey reflects resilience in the face of challenges, including navigating the impact of global events.

In the fast-paced world of photography and visual storytelling, careers often take unexpected turns and lead individuals to unique and exciting paths. One such inspiring journey is that of Natasha Lee, a renowned photo book designer hailing from Durban, South Africa. In a recent session of “Career Advice From A Pro” hosted by Cathi Nelson, CEO and founder of the Photo Managers, Natasha shared her story, insights, and invaluable wisdom gained from years of experience in the field.



Discovering the World of Photo Book Design


Natasha’s journey began as a teacher in the UK, where she embarked on a mission to explore and immerse herself in different cultures. When an old photograph of Hong Kong ignited her curiosity about Asia, she was led to Korea as her first step toward this dream. With a fervent passion for cultural diversity and a creative eye, Natasha was drawn to the idea of using photographs to tell compelling stories.


Pioneering New Ground


Upon returning to South Africa, Natasha’s path took a pioneering turn as she introduced the concept of photo book design. However, breaking new ground was not without its challenges. As she soon learned, the transition from traditional analog photography to the digital age brought about resistance and hurdles to overcome. But, Natasha’s determination, along with her ability to educate and collaborate with photographers, helped reshape the industry’s landscape in South Africa.


Navigating the Digital Era and Global Challenges


Soon the world faced the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than let her business die, Natasha’s resilience and adaptability shone through. With weddings and events coming to a halt, she embraced remote processes. This allowed her to continue helping clients organize their photos and create cherished memories. When lockdown measures were enforced, it presented an opportunity. Now individuals had time to focus on their photo collections, resulting in a surge in demand for Natasha’s expertise.


The Power of Networking and Global Reach


Natasha emphasized the significance of networking, especially in her city, where personal connections play a crucial role in business growth. She actively participates in women’s networking groups and maintains a strong online presence through her website and social media. Through The Photo Managers network, Natasha connects with fellow professionals worldwide, offering her photo book design services across continents.


Insights for Aspiring Photo Managers


Natasha’s journey offers valuable insights for individuals considering a career in photo management:

  1. Embrace Cultural Diversity: Natasha’s love for learning about different cultures enriched her career, enabling her to create unique and meaningful photo stories for clients from various backgrounds.
  2. Pioneering Spirit: Overcoming resistance and introducing new ideas can be challenging but rewarding. Educating clients and colleagues about the benefits of innovative approaches is an essential aspect of pioneering.
  3. Adaptability is Key: The pandemic highlighted the importance of adapting to changing circumstances. Many photo managers have benefited from being prepared to provide remote assistance and support clients virtually.
  4. Global Networking: Building a network of like-minded professionals worldwide expands opportunities and collaborations—organizations like The Photo Managers foster connections that transcend borders.
  5. Passion for Stories: Natasha’s dedication to telling stories through photos underscores the heart of the photo management profession. Personalized, creative approaches enhance the impact of photo collections.


Natasha’s experiences offer a wealth of wisdom for both established professionals and aspiring photo managers. Her journey of introducing photo books in South Africa reminds us that the art of storytelling through images truly is a universal language that transcends boundaries.


To learn more about Nataha’s journey, watch the full video on YouTube.