The ever-popular Cathi’s Pics weekly newsletter is going live in 2024! The first installment of live YouTube broadcasts in this series is Clutter-Free January: Your Path to Productivity. We enjoyed hearing from 3 amazing guests who all shared their top productivity tips.

Many of us set ambitious goals in January, only to find ourselves veering off track in the weeks to follow. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a cluttered space, consider the words of wisdom shared by Darla, the founder of HeartWork Organizing, as she provides valuable insights into conquering clutter and achieving your organizational goals.


Darla suggests that there are multiple opportunities throughout the year to embark on a decluttering journey. While January is a popular choice, she emphasizes that other moments, such as the start of the school year or the arrival of spring, can also serve as excellent triggers for change. The key is to pick a time that resonates with you personally. If January isn’t your ideal starting point, that’s perfectly fine. The important thing is to set a clear intention to bring order to your surroundings.


The Power of Starting Now


Darla’s approach to organizing is action-oriented. She advocates for starting the process without overthinking it. In her book, “Sort and Succeed,” she breaks down the steps into five distinct phases. The first step is to articulate your goal in five words or less. Whether it’s clearing off your desk or creating more white space, having a concise objective helps kickstart the process. Remember, the key is to begin – once you do, positive changes will naturally follow.


As a seasoned organizer, Darla also addresses the unique challenge of photo organizing. She stresses the importance of defining your goal before diving into the digitization process. Rather than viewing digitizing as the end goal, it’s a means to cherish, enjoy, and share memories. By identifying specific objectives, such as sharing family history or preserving the legacy of a loved one, you can guide the photo organizing project effectively.


Obstacles on the Path to Clutter-Free Productivity


One common obstacle in any organizing journey is the negative inner voice. Darla acknowledges the presence of this voice and suggests combating it through action. Engaging in organizing activities, no matter how small, provides tangible proof of your capability. Don’t discount your everyday organizational achievements – finding your car keys or matching socks are feats that showcase your innate organizing skills. And if the task seems daunting, remember, professional organizers like Darla are ready and eager to lend a helping hand.


Conquering clutter is not just a resolution – it’s a transformative journey. Whether you embark on this path solo or seek the assistance of a professional organizer, remember that a clutter-free life is within reach, and the benefits extend far beyond an organized space – they bring peace, order, and a sense of accomplishment.


To see Darla’s full interview, and the rest of the Clutter Free January guest speakers, watch the full video on YouTube.