Our final guest who joined us recently for the first Cathi’s Pics Live, is Caroline Guntur, founder of The Swedish Organizer! If you’d like to receive the Cathi’s Pics newsletter to see what Cathi’s loving each week, sign up here and subscribe on YouTube to catch the next Live broadcast. Caroline joined us for the conversation all about how to be clutter-free and have a fresh start when it comes to tackling big tasks!

Caroline offers valuable insights on productivity that resonate with anyone navigating the challenges of creative work. Read on (and watch the video) for Caroline’s secrets to staying organized, finishing projects with ease, and avoiding unnecessary stress.


One key piece of advice Caroline imparts is the importance of breaking down tasks into manageable steps. She acknowledges the tendency to underestimate the learning curve that comes with new endeavors and emphasizes the need to break tasks down further until you know exactly where to start. By doing so, the overwhelming nature of a project diminishes, making it easier to take that crucial first step on the way to being clutter-free.


Caroline’s concept of micro goals aligns with the idea of breaking tasks into the smallest possible steps. This approach makes it easier for individuals, especially creatives who often grapple with focus and overwhelm, to tackle tasks incrementally. By starting small, the momentum builds, motivation kicks in, and the energy to accomplish more will grow.


Managing distractions is a huge challenge in today’s hyper-connected world. Caroline suggests classifying anything not directly related to the task at hand as a distraction and advises connecting tasks to larger goals. This strategic connection helps filter out unnecessary distractions and keeps individuals on track toward meaningful achievements.


Cluter-Free Strategy: The Daily “Win”


Caroline also advocates for the idea of a daily “win.” By starting the day with a clear goal in mind, individuals can focus on achieving that one thing, providing a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction on the journey to being clutter-free. This approach prevents the common pitfall of setting overly ambitious goals and feeling disappointed when they aren’t all achieved.


In addressing the common struggle of setting realistic goals, Caroline advises against the impulse to set the bar too high. Instead, she recommends breaking tasks into smaller components and celebrating each step forward. The key is to create a balance between high standards and self-compassion, especially during the initial stages of a learning curve.


To see Caroline’s full interview, and the rest of the Clutter Free January guest speakers, watch the full video on YouTube.