In this “Career Advice from a Pro” webinar, we are joined by Susan Wolack, a seasoned professional photo manager. Susan shares her captivating journey from being a city webmaster to flourishing as a successful photo organizer.

Susan’s story is a testament to the power of adaptability and passion. Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, she found herself navigating a new direction in her career. Drawing upon her tech-savvy background and innate organizational skills, Susan seized a new opportunity. She delved into photo management, recognizing the increasing demand for such services in an era dominated by digital imagery.


Central to Susan’s success is her unwavering commitment to self-taught learning. Not only did she master HTML in the mid-’90s. She can also seamlessly transition between PC and Mac platforms. Susan embodies the spirit of continuous growth and exploration. Her advice:

Start wherever you are, embrace learning, and never shy away from venturing into uncharted territory.


Next, Susan explains how leveraging technology and marketing strategies has helped her expand her clientele over time. From running targeted Facebook ads to optimizing her website for search engines, she demonstrates the importance of a multifaceted approach. Understanding the value of one’s services and effectively communicating that value to clients is essential for building client relationships.

Also included in this interview, Susan offers advice for those grappling with pricing challenges and uncertainty in the field. Through her experiences, she imparts invaluable insights into navigating the intricacies of pricing models, while simultaneously emphasizing the significance of networking and community engagement. By fostering partnerships and participating in industry events like conferences, aspiring photo organizers can cultivate a supportive network and gain exposure to invaluable resources.

Susan Wallock’s journey to becoming a successful photo organizer reminds us of the boundless opportunities that await those willing to embrace change and forge their path in this ever-expanding field of photo management. To find out how to start your journey, click here.


For more Career Advice from this month’s Pro, Susan Wolak, watch the full video on YouTube.