Take a look inside real a photo organizing project and the huge impact it has! In this series, we meet photo managers and their clients to talk about what a difference the project made.

Our world is dominated by digital technology. So it’s easy to forget the treasure trove of memories we’ve captured on older formats like VHS and camcorder tapes. These fragile relics hold countless moments of our lives, waiting to be rediscovered. Recently, we had the opportunity to hear from Photo Manager Kari Kane, and one of her clients! Let’s learn how they worked together to preserve these irreplaceable memories.


A Photo Manager with a Mission


Kari Kane has been a member of The Photo Managers organization for nearly three years. Her mission? To assist individuals and families across the United States and beyond in preserving their precious memories. What makes her work even more remarkable is that she does it all remotely. In this digital age, it’s incredible to think about the impact a photo organizer can have, regardless of geographical boundaries.


Transforming Old Tapes into Digital Gold


The project that brought Kari and her client together involved converting old VHS and camcorder tapes into a digital format. These tapes contained memories that spanned back 25 to 30 years – memories that were beginning to deteriorate with time. What prompted the client to reach out for help? The desire to allow her 15-month-old son to see, hear, and connect with her late father.


The Emotional Roller Coaster of Memories


As Kari and her client embarked on this journey, they quickly realized the emotional power of these old recordings. Watching a loved one in a photograph is one thing, but hearing their voice and seeing their personality on video is an entirely different experience. It’s like stepping back in time and reliving those moments all over again, a sentiment anyone who has digitized old tapes can relate to.


Overcoming Hesitations and Challenges


One might wonder, how do you entrust such precious memories to someone you’ve never met? Kari’s client initially had reservations about mailing the tapes, but a trusted friend’s recommendation and Kari’s expertise quickly put those concerns to rest. However, the journey wasn’t without its challenges. Shaky camcorder footage and audio syncing issues surfaced, but Kari’s resourcefulness and extensive network allowed her to overcome these obstacles.


A Deeper Connection to the Past


One of the most heartwarming aspects of this story is the client’s determination to ensure that future generations will be able to connect with their late father. Kari’s work not only preserved the footage but allowed for editing and customization, ensuring that these memories could be easily shared with family members. The ability to access these cherished moments at any time, from anywhere, has created a profound and lasting connection to the past.


Preserving the Past for the Future


In an age of fleeting digital content, it’s vital to remember the value of our analog memories. Kari Kane’s work as on this video/photo organizing project reminds us that there’s more to our history than what we see on a screen. Our past is rich with moments captured on tapes and photographs, waiting for us to rediscover them and share them with generations to come. If you have old tapes tucked away in a closet or on a dusty shelf, consider the story of Kari Kane and her client as inspiration to embark on your own journey to preserve and share your precious memories.


Watch the full video now on The Photo Managers YouTube channel.