Preserving memories in photo books is a specialty of Photo manager Lida Bunting. In this interview, we hear from Lida and one of her clients, Stacy about her journey of preserving family memories through these remarkable keepsakes.

Stacy’s story started about five and a half years ago. It was then that she faced the daunting task of organizing her family’s digital photo collection. Like many people, she had photos scattered across flash drives, CDs, physical albums, and various other media. The task of consolidating and organizing these memories felt overwhelming, especially with a busy life, three kids, and a job as an interior designer.

Desperate for help, Stacy reached out to friends, and a mutual acquaintance introduced her to Lida, who lived just two blocks away. Little did she know that this introduction would mark the beginning of a beautiful journey.


Transforming Memories


Lida’s expertise lies in not just organizing photos but in preserving memories in photo books. The first book Lida created for Stacy was in 2019, summarizing their family’s experiences from 2005. Since then, they’ve created around 30 books, ensuring that every precious memory is captured and preserved.

When asked if she had any concerns about handing over her cherished memories to Lida, Stacy’s response was resounding trust and gratitude. She recognized the gift these books would be for her family, ensuring that her children and future generations could relive the moments she had captured. The convenience of having a professional take care of the entire process was a relief, especially in her busy life.


Impacting the Family


The impact of these photo books on Stacy’s family has been overwhelmingly positive. The books serve as a constant source of joy, sitting proudly on their coffee table and family room shelves. Friends and family, when visiting, frequently flip through the pages, relishing in the memories and stories each photograph tells.

Stacy’s children, now teenagers, often pull the books down from the shelves, immersing themselves in their family’s history. These books are not just a collection of pictures; they’re a treasure trove of experiences and moments that have shaped their lives.


A Safety Net for Memories


Beyond the emotional connection, preserving memories in photo books provides a practical purpose. Stacy sees them as a form of insurance for her family’s memories. In the event of an emergency like a flood or fire, her top priorities would be her family, her dogs, and these cherished photo books.

Stacy’s story is a testament to the importance of preserving our cherished memories in a tangible and accessible format. These photo books not only provide a beautiful means of reminiscing but also ensure that the stories of our lives are safely documented for generations to come.


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