In this blog post, we’ll explore FOREVER, one of The Photo Managers’ trusted partner companies. Let’s see what it’s all about and how it can become your permanent digital home for your most treasured memories.

Shelley Murray is a Certified Photo Manager and Senior Executive Ambassador for FOREVER. She joined us recently to talk about how this tool can help both professional photo organizers and end-users.



It’s important to note the fragility of life and the significance of sharing stories across generations. FOREVER is more than just a storage solution; it’s a means of passing down the rich tapestry of your family’s history.


Key Features of FOREVER


Here are some essential features that make this cloud storage solution stand out:

  1. Comprehensive Storage
    1. FOREVER offers storage for photos, videos, audio files, and documents. You can trust that your memories are in safe hands, with the option to stream videos.
  2. Metadata and Storytelling
    • Add metadata to your photos and tell the stories behind them. This ensures that future generations understand the significance of each image.
  3. Connection and Collaboration
    • FOREVER allows you to connect with family and friends, sharing albums and stories. You can even create groups to focus on specific themes or events, making it easier to share and relive cherished memories together.
  4. Flexible Storage Plans
    • The platform offers various storage plans, from 10 GB to 250 GB and beyond. You can start small and expand as needed, making it cost-effective and customizable to your requirements.


Real-Life Success Stories


In her presentation, Shelley shared some real-life success stories. Watch the video above to learn about a  busy mom named Christine who lost photos due to a Facebook hack and learned the importance of a secure digital home for memories. FOREVER empowers individuals to enjoy their photos by organizing and digitizing them, making the memories easily accessible, shareable and safe from catastrophes.

What’s Next?

The team at FOREVER is constantly evolving their product and user feedback is what shapes its future. Features like a Lightroom plug-in are in high demand. We look forward to seeing what the future of FOREVER may bring as they enhance the user experience.

FOREVER is a place where your memories find a timeless home, where stories are preserved, and where future generations can connect with the past. As technology continues to advance, the importance of platforms like FOREVER becomes increasingly evident. By making memories last forever, you’re ensuring that the stories of your loved ones will be told for generations to come.


Don’t let your cherished memories get lost in the digital abyss – watch the full video to learn more.