Do you love turning photos into albums and gifts, have an interest in family history, and enjoy sharing old family photos? If you resonate with these interests, you might just have stumbled upon your true calling – preserving family photo collections.

We live in an increasingly complex world, but our need to connect and tell our stories has never changed. Most people, however, do not have the time to sort through their thousands of photos to organize, let alone enjoy them. The world needs you!

In a recent presentation, Cathi Nelson, CEO, and founder of the Photo Managers, shared invaluable insights on how to embark on a fulfilling journey of helping families manage their growing photo collections. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from her talk and explore the fascinating world of becoming a photo manager.


In today’s digital age, the abundance of photo collections has left many feeling overwhelmed and unable to organize their cherished memories. The role of photo managers becomes paramount, providing assistance in curating, saving, and sharing photos and stories in our complex and bustling world.


Top 10 Reasons People Hire Photo Managers:


  1. Digital Photo Overload: Managing the influx of digital photos.
  2. Family History Preservation: Interest in preserving and sharing old family photos.
  3. Creating Keepsake Photo Albums: Transforming photos into tangible, beautiful memories.
  4. Legacy Planning: Ensuring well-organized visual legacies for future generations.
  5. Emotional Value: Recognizing the emotional significance of photos and the need for professional assistance.

Watch the video above to get the full top 10 list of reasons people need photo managers like you!


Characteristics of a Successful Photo Manager


Success in the role hinges on curiosity about people, history, and ideas. It involves a readiness to learn and adapt, particularly in the realm of technology, coupled with tenacity, courage, and commitment to building a thriving business. You do not have to come into this field being tech-savvy, but being willing to grow and learn is essential.


Benefits of Becoming a Member of The Photo Managers


Membership offers access to a supportive global community that fosters collaboration. You will also have the opportunity to complete The Photo Maangers’ professional certification program, which ensures adherence to industry standards and best practices. Certified Pro members gain confidence and credibility that new clients appreciate. As a member, you will also have access to extensive resources on every aspect of a photo management business, plus enjoy partnerships, and discounts from companies to make your work easier. Continuous learning opportunities, including Privacy Advocate training, are provided through regular members-only webinars, and access to recent virtual conference materials.

Embarking on a business as a photo manager offers a distinctive opportunity to positively impact people’s lives. Whether tech-savvy or not, the key lies in curiosity, commitment, and a willingness to learn. Joining the Photo Managers community can provide the necessary support and resources to navigate this exciting entrepreneurial journey


Watch the full video on YouTube to learn more about how you can help families manage their photo collections.