Photo Tip Tuesday: Use the 3-2-1 backup method. |

Photo Tip Tuesday: Use the 3-2-1 Backup Method

Keep your digital photos safe by using the 3-2-1 backup method by having 3 backups in 2 different formats with one being offsite, away from your home or office.

Photo Tip Tuesday: Use the 3-2-1 backup method. |

Have Multiple Digital Backups

You’ve heard the saying… ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. The same is true about protecting your digital photos. Don’t leave all your images on one device.

There is a painful truth we should all pay attention to.  It isn’t a matter of IF your hard drive will crash but only a matter of WHEN. It is hard to believe, but all of your precious family photos and videos on your computer are a moment away from annihilation. Even if your hard drive doesn’t crash, you could be the victim of fire, flood, hurricane or even theft.

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I recommend you safeguard your digital images using the 3-2-1 back up method that the US Government recommends. Keep 3 copies of your images; using 2 different types of media (for example; hard drive and optical drive) and store 1 copy offsite (cloud storage or safe deposit box). This may seem like overkill but having your photos accessible in three places ensures that even if disasters strikes you will have access to your family history and photos.

Do a quick count. How many back-ups do you have in place for your images? Are all your eggs in one basket?

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