Photo Tip Tuesday: The first step is to picture the end result. |

Photo Tip Tuesday

The first step to getting your photo life organized is picturing the end result. Just like any goal you need to have a concrete vision with a timeline for completion. ~ The Photo Organizers


First Step: Picture Your End Result

So you want to get your photos organized? That’s nice, but what do you really want to accomplish. You can make the photo organizing process so much simpler if you create a road map for your project.  Start at point A and travel to your destination and set  a time frame for completion.

Your road map and destination might look something like this:

  • Condense 12,000 printed photos. Digitize and archive remaining collection
  • Create a simple and sustainable organizational structure for 25,000+ digital photos, with back up systems.
  • Convert outdated media to viewable formats.
  • Create home movie video albums for each of my kids.
  • Create a printed family ‘yearbook’ for each
  • Create an online photo sharing archive for my family

Put on your thinking caps and start picturing your end result. It’s the first step to success.

Photo Tip Tuesday: The first step is to picture the end result. |

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