The 2023 conference of The Photo Managers introduced attendees to an organization that’s causing quite a stir in the world of digital legacies and preservation.

Robert Friedman, the Executive Director of the Permanent Legacy Foundation, joined The Photo Managers to talk about, a platform tailored to safeguarding digital legacies for posterity. TPM Founder Cathi Nelson talked to Robert about the remarkable potential and importance of this platform.


A Flexible and Collaborative Platform has captured the attention of photo managers and their clients with its flexible and collaborative capabilities. It transcends the role of a mere storage space, serving as a dynamic platform for creating and managing digital archives. What truly sets it apart is its user-friendly approach to transferring ownership of these archives. Gone are the days of navigating complex account management; simplifies the process, ensuring seamless collaboration.

Imagine the convenience of effortlessly establishing and overseeing digital archives for clients and then smoothly transferring ownership as needed. The platform even offers a specialized “manager” role, thoughtfully crafted to cater to the unique needs of photo managers, making their workflow streamlined and efficient.


A Commitment to Long-Term Preservation


At, preservation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the core mission. The platform has implemented practices that guarantee the enduring preservation of digital memories. It achieves this by storing redundant copies of files across multiple cloud servers, thereby mitigating the risk of data loss due to server failures or unforeseen circumstances.

Furthermore, places paramount importance on preserving the original integrity of uploaded files. Resolutions remain unaltered, metadata remains intact, and permissions and copyright remain unaltered. Uploaded files stay true to their original state. What sets apart is its dedication to file format conversions. It maintains copies in various open-source formats, safeguarding data against potential obsolescence.


Non-Profit Status and Giving Back


A significant factor that distinguishes is its non-profit status. This status plays a pivotal role in their unwavering commitment to preservation. There’s no profit motive or shareholder pressure influencing their practices. Every aspect of their business operations is bound by law to their mission, ensuring that all their activities are aligned with preserving digital legacies.

Perhaps most striking is their “Bite for Bite” program. Through this initiative, non-profit partners receive storage space to create digital collections that represent their communities or missions. This means that when individuals use’s services, their contributions extend beyond personal preservation; they support broader community initiatives.


The Exciting Future: Legacy Planning


A forthcoming feature from is “Legacy Planning.” This innovative feature allows members to designate stewards for their digital materials in the event of their passing or incapacitation. It’s a thoughtful and practical addition to their suite of services, reinforcing their commitment to preserving memories across generations.


Get Involved!


After attending the conference and hearing Robert Friedman’s presentation, many individuals are genuinely excited about what has to offer. Whether you’re a photo manager or simply someone passionate about preserving digital legacies, it’s worth exploring this platform and considering it as a valuable addition to your toolkit.

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