Our new Masterclass program for 2024 is designed to equip you with the strategies, knowledge, and accountability needed to grow and scale your business successfully.

The Photo Managers Masterclass program has been running for six years with over 70 members participating. Over the years, it has evolved into a three-month coaching, learning, and accountability program. Learn about what’s new for 2024 and why this year’s Masterclass will be better than ever.



Our Masterclass provides a personalized learning experience. We start with an application process to understand your specific needs and skills required for growth. This ensures that the curriculum is tailored to address your unique challenges and opportunities.


Our expert coaches bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. They are there to guide you, answer your questions, and provide valuable feedback. You’ll meet with them twice a month to discuss ideas, breakthroughs, and keep you on track toward your goals.


Learning is at its best when it’s engaging and interactive. Our Masterclass sessions include group discussions, small group activities, and large group workshops. This dynamic approach allows for various learning styles, ensuring you get the most out of the program.


Along with the guidance of your coaches, you’ll discover a strong network of peers. Building meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals is a crucial aspect of business growth. In our Masterclass, you’ll connect with motivated business owners who are on the same journey as you. These relationships often lead to valuable collaborations and lifelong friendships.


The goal of our Masterclass is not just to impart knowledge but to bring about real, transformative change in your business. Whether it’s streamlining processes, improving profitability, or exploring new avenues, Masterclass will help you unleash your full potential.


Don’t miss this golden opportunity to transform your business and accelerate your success.


To learn more about the Masterclass Program, we invite you to watch the video on YouTube for more details. Join the ranks of satisfied photo managers who have experienced the power of our Masterclass Program firsthand.


Ready to apply for the 2024 ‘Prosper Now’ Masterclass? Find out more here.